All Vocals - All Guitars - All Keyboards

Influences: David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Andrew Latimer, Jimi Hendrix
Equipment: Fender Stratocaster guitars, Marshall amps & speakers, Roland effects
Sound & Light: HK PA system, lasers, moving heads, scanners, projector & screen

"David Gilmour - the guitar and voice of Pink Floyd. For me and many others, his music captivates and takes you to a surreal world of calm and serenity... the sound of his guitar, the strong melodic solos full of grace and tone...the beautifully written songs, the landscapes and backdrops of pure audio... I could go on and on. If you've heard David play you will know what I mean.
So I am proud to present my tribute to David Gilmour.
Hope to see you at my shows!"

Chris Goodband, Jan 2012